Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Smoking Rate among Women in India Is Higher Than 30 Years Ago

Smoking rate among women in India has increased within the last 30 years however the number of men who light up on a daily basis dropped in the country where more and more people are consuming tobacco products these days, state analysts.

Smoking rate among Indian adult men declined from 33.8 % in 1980 to 23 % in 2013 whereas women smoking in 2013 constituted 3.2 %, virtually exactly the same as in 1980 affirms a completely different research on worldwide smoking predominance released not so long ago. In 2013 about 12.1 million women lighted up in India, in comparison to 5.3 million women smokers registered in 1980 whilst the predominance of male smokers stood at 98 million in the very same year. Cigarette users in India smoked about 8.2 cigarettes on a daily basis, according to the report.

United States mentioned 14.3 % women smokers accompanied by Russia and Nepal with 16.9 %, Brazil with 11 %, Pakistan 5.4 %, India 3.2 %, China 2.1 % and Sri Lanka 1 %.
India had 35 million cigarette users totaling about 110 million in spite of the drop in the smoking rate from around 19 % to 13 per cent of the population, reported the research.

The survey determined that worldwide smoking rate among men constituted 41 % in 1980; however it dropped to 31 %. When it comes to women, the expected predominance of day-to-day cigarette smoking constituted 10.6 % in 1980 and already 2013 that had decreased to 6.2 %. "India is at present in the 2 stage of the tobacco pandemic, which comes after a cyclical routine. Despite the fact that there are a lot of men smokers, women smokers do go along with this trend," explains Dr. Monika Arora. According to Dr. Monika Arora the rate of women smoking in cities has boosted. "Not so long ago we conducted a study of schools in Chennai and Delhi and discovered that the there is a very small gender difference among adolescents who are fighting up.