Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Davidoff most luxury things

Davidoff brand is most luxury things. There are excellent cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Beautiful accessories that are embodiment of elegance of quality are also produced under Davidoff mark.
Everything that is produced under Davidoff brand are worldly recognized as of premium quality. All tobacco products of this company brand are shadowed under same brilliance star.
Mentioning trade name “Davidoff” first that comes into mind is luxury. This is referred to Davidoff cigarettes too. They are beyond doubt from superior tobacco that was created for smoking persons that wish to taste beauty of life.
Blend of Davidoff cigarettes is of time-experienced quality that becomes a prominent international tobacco brand name of this famous firm.
Emotions that offer this cigarette brand are full of outstanding fragrance that is accompanied by delicate flavor. Taste of Davidoff smoking cigs you will never forget or compare.
It is very hard to render luxuriousness and elegance of Davidoff smoking tobacco using words from nowadays vocabulary. This cigarette brand will be undeviating placed on premier rank on tobacco markets from entire world forever.
The prototype of Davidoff tobacco brand is allied in elegant hard packs that are differentiated in colors and smoking taste. This premium tobacco is presented in variety of Davidoff Classic, Davidoff Lights and Davidoff Slim Lights.
These smoking cigarettes are different in color, but not in gorgeousness of quality.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Camel Wides Art Issue - designed by Katja O

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exclusive version of cigarettes Parliament

The company Philip Morris arrives at the Russian market exclusive version of a family of cigarettes Parliament Reserve. New species of cigarettes will be distributed exclusively by reservation. Experts believe that if properly positioning Parliament Reserve will be successful.

Cigarettes will be issued in a new format in the form of packaging portsigara recommended price of 200 rubles. for the stack. Sales of the new series will not be limited in time, but will be limited circulation: one-customer can order from one to three blocks of Parliament Reserve. Book new cigarettes could be only through distributors Mercure and only in Moscow. "The order will be delivered to the house, which also will stress the core brand values: exclusivity, modernity and high quality - the series is designed for affluent consumers who appreciate this.

Recall Philip Morris already ran two series of limited edition in past New Year holidays - one for Marlboro Cigarettes and Parliament Cigarettes. Limited Series Marlboro had a stack of silver, which has opened the side like lighters, and the bonus Parliament Cigarettes changed the color to blue metallic tutu. But unlike Parliament Reserve, the two series can be purchased at retail prices, and restaurants: Marlboro - at the BP gas station and about 200 locations HoReCa, Parliament Cigarettes - in expensive restaurants.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Images of a Camel Joe

The city of Paris court dismissed the claim of opponents of smoking groups to the American tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, which produces cigarettes under the brand Camel.
The National Committee of smoking opponents argued that the use of 15 - ty packaging options with various images of a camel, Joe - a very attractive image of a juvenile - encouraged children and adolescents to gather full "collection" Camel packs.
However, the court dismissed the claim, stating in its decision that "although the law and prohibits advertising, promotion and free distribution of tobacco, it could not determine which images are used in the presentation packs, except for the mandatory placement reminder of the negative impact of smoking on health."
Nevertheless, the court charged the RJ Reynolds Tobacco 8 thousand euro fine and 1.5 thousand euro compensation of losses due to the fact that the company has changed autocratically text warning on the dangers of smoking, millions of reams of Camel, attributing at the beginning "in accordance with the law 91-32. Changing text, in the opinion of the judges, has led many consumers less serious about prevention.