Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin to Pass the Largest Crackdown on Cigarettes

Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering to pass the largest public health drive in the history of tobacco industry since former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev didn’t realize to break his county of the habit to consume alcohol with a strong crackdown on tobacco and drink.
An anti-smoking regulation presented to parliament on Friday will prohibit smoking in public places, any tobacco advertising and kiosk sales. That follows the actions to restrain the world’s fourth-highest alcohol use per capita with tax increases and by reducing trade. Russia is the world’s second-leading market for cigarettes and alcohol, according to recent estimates. The country with a population of 143 million is 5 million less than it was registered in 1991, when the Soviet Union ruined. Alcohol and tobacco use costs the Russian economy approximately $104 billion per year, or about 5% of gross domestic product (GDP), according to the government estimates.
The crackdown risks encouraging Russians to look for counterfeit cigarettes and drinks, according to cigarette manufacturers and alcohol industry experts. Illicit sale of vodka which is priced as little as $1 for a half-liter (0.13 gallon) will increase to about 60% from 30% of the market by 2014, according to the Center for Federal and Regional Alcohol Market Studies. Illegal cigarette trade may expand to about 45% of the market from 1%, the lobby group Tabakprom informs.
This year, Russia boosted the minimum price of a half-liter of vodka to about 125 rubles or $4 and plans to increase it further to 200 rubles by 2015, according to the government representative Dmitriy Fedorov. As about beer taxes, which were raised in 2010 they should be six times higher in 2015 than in comparison to 2009. “We are already used to smoke, drink and eat poor diet and doing less sport and then falling ill, and take pills in order to get better. But all these should be stopped, and as sooner as better,” stated Nikolai Gerasimenko, deputy head of the lower house of parliament’s ministry of health.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Info - Main Cigar Accessories

  • Cigar Cutters is used to assure an adequate and smooth opening in the cigar, which would help smoking. Nowadays there are a lot of varieties of cigar cutters; each of them cut the cigar in a particular way. Among the most spread types are cigar guillotine cutters, cigar v-cutter and cigar double-blade. Cutting cigars properly is very essential, as it directly affects the smoking process. 
  • Cigar Lighters Even if your cigarette was kept in a humidor and properly cut, what use of it if you do not have a lighter. Cigar lighters are a must have accessory and also a pleasant gift for cigar connoisseurs. At present you may find a great range of cigar lighters, including disposable lighters, butane gas lighters, all-purpose lighters, windproof lighters, candle lighters and of course the well-known matches. The choice mostly depends on your preferences. 
  • Cigar Ashtrays So, we came to the last accessory that shouldn’t miss from a cigar smoker. The ashtray is one of the essential, but too often forgotten cigar accessories. Once you have taken several draws from your recently cut and lit cigar, you will have to put the ash somewhere. The ashtray can be stainless, ceramic, wooden or even made of glass. Ashtrays are the most used cigar accessories.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smoking in the 70s

Cigarettes occupied a great part of life in the 70s. People lighted them up in great numbers. To quit or not, and to smoker of not were the most spread topics. In 1969, the most popular cigarette brand was Embassy Filter, which was launched in 1962 and took an astonishing 25% of the tobacco market in 1968. By 1971, it was displaced by the Players No 6. In 1972 the below listed cigarette brands constituted 95% of all tobacco products sold:
 • Sovereign (filter)
• Silk Cut (filter)
• Player No 6 (plain)
• Benson & Hedges King Size (filter)
• Rothman's King Size (filter)
The majority of the most famous brands contain filter. At those times smokers considered that the cigarette filter would protect them hazardous effects of smoking. However, various medical studies have demonstrated the contrary.
 In 1970, 55% of men and 44% of women lighted up. The number of smoking cigarettes had declined from the peak of 60% in 1948 and the effects of smoking on health were starting to slowly sink in. In spite of the study presented by Professor Sir Richard Doll, which linked smoking with various illnesses, cigarette smoking a great part of life that the habit was too difficult to eradicate.
In 1971, cigarette producers agreed to place health warnings on the packages – “Warning by HM Government Smoking Can Affect Your Health”. The organization has never published any report in which it would compare one cigarette brand with another. They acted only in the interests of consumers and advised only that people should think about giving up this habit. Also there were many stories regarding the safety pg other forms of smoking as cigar smoking or hookah.
So, the 70s was namely that period when people accepted the hazards of smoking and the number of the population who lighted up dropped greatly. The first anti-smoking group, ASH, was created in 1970 and had the objective to inform the public about the hazards of smoking. The rate of men and women smoking cigarettes declined during the 70s. Already by 1980, about 40% of men and 35% of women consumed tobacco products. Current figures are: 25% and 23% respectively.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Women Smoking Style

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cigar vs. Cigarette

Despite the fact that both cigars and cigarettes possess tobacco the main difference is that a cigar is wrapped in tobacco leaf, or any other material containing tobacco. But tobacco in cigarettes is wrapped in paper. Generally cigars are bigger and thicker than cigarettes, they last longer and posses more tobacco and of course costly. 

Tobacco and Nicotine Content 
One cigar can possess as much tobacco as a whole cigarette pack. Cigars generally have between 100 to 200 mg of nicotine each while a cigarettes about 10mg. 

 How to Smoke a Cigar and a Cigarette
 Before smoking a cigar, you should cut it appropriately by inserting the cigar into special cutter and cut it about 1/16 to 1/8 inch from the end. When lighting the cigar, hold it around the band with your fingers and place into your mouth. While puffing rotate the cigar without allowing it to touch the flame. Rotate it for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Cigarettes are easier to smoke, a single puff is usually enough to light a cigarette. The smoke is inhaled when smoking a cigarette.

The main difference is that when lighting a cigar, the smoke is not inhaled. Unlike cigarette smoke, you are able to enjoy the taste of a cigar smoke only in your mouth without taking it into your lungs.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What the Future Holds For Lorillard

In 1760 French Protestant Pierre Lorillard starts to sell tobacco products, which in order to keep fresh she wrapped in dried animal bladders. Pierre Lorillard produces these smokes on Chatham Street, at present Park Row in a small factory. Lorillard directs all profits from this business to support the Revolutionary War and also funded George Washington’s army.
At present approximately 250 years after the appearance of Lorillard Incorporated, the cigarette company is planned to pen at about $127.00 per share, and is the world’s third giant tobacco company, with a market capitalization of 16.63 billion. A small plant of the 1760’s has become an internationally recognized name. Despite such a great success, current events have made several attempts to prohibit menthol, an essential component in Lorillard’s best selling Newport cigarettes, that accounts for around 90% of all Lorillard’s sales. So will Lorillard be able to continue grow, or will this so old business disappear with time? According to estimates, in 2010 Lorillard announced profits per share of $6.78. In 2011, Lorillard declared that profits per share had lifted $1.21, to $7.99. In 2012, Lorillard’s profits per share have risen to $8.58, showing weakening shares’ growth. It is estimated that the growth will stabilize in 2013. The cigarette manufacturer is planning to expand these profits in the coming future and gain bigger share of the United States tobacco industry.
The cigarette industry is well known for its largest dividend payouts, and Lorillard doesn’t infringe this process. At present Kent cigarettes manufacturer pays out one of the biggest dividends in the industry. This dividend has significantly increased from $5.20 per year, in 2011, and is estimated to proceed to boost in the future. In comparison with the main tobacco rivals, as for instance Reynolds American, Altria Group, Philip Morris International, and British American Tobacco, Lorillard has better performance.
Currently, Lorillard is in the middle of the road regarding the growth, while Reynolds American occupies first position, increasing its profits per share in six years. Lorillard’s dividend growth is the fastest in the industry. As about the net profit margin, Lorillard occupies second position after the Phillip Morris, which tops the industry.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slogans for new anti smoking ads

The believing we do something when we do nothing is the first illusion of tobacco.
  • Be Cool - Don't Be a Smoking Fool.
  • Be smart don't start.
  • Breathe healthily, live happily.
  • Cancer cures smoking.
  • Cigarettes burn holes in your pocket.
  • Cough twice for Philip Morris.
  • Did you know your mouth is on fire?
  • Don't be a butthead. Smoking kills.
  • Don't be a Kool Fool.
  • Don't puff your life away.
  • Don't smoke you will choke!
  • Don't smoke - there are cooler ways to die.
  • Everyone has a right to clean air.
  • Hang Tough, Don't Puff!
  • Health is wealth.
  • How the Tobacco Industry Killed American Soldiers
  • I like smoking. It kills off a lot of stupid people.
  • I quit because my kids love me.
  • I would give up smoking but I’m not a quitter.
  • If God had wanted us to smoke, he would have given us a separate hole for it.
  • If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action. (in a non-smoking area)
  • If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.
  • If you don’t smoke, I won’t fart!
  • If you smoke, you're a joke.
  • If you think smoking is cool, you're a fool.
  • Is smoking good for business? Not if you want long-term customers.
  • Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.
  • Live it or Burn it...
  • Make your choices, it's your life.
  • No smoke no life, but No life with smoke.
  • Please keep smoking. Our planet is overcrowded.
  • Put it out before it puts you out.
  • Put your money where your butt is.
  • Quit smoking. It kills!
  • Quit smoking before smoking quits you.
  • Save Money - Quit Smoking!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Movies with Smoking Scenes Should Have R- rating

Brad Pitt’s personage in Snatch, Mickey O'Neil, possesses all traits of classic Hollywood film. He is fully confident and attacks as a real professional, and as Al Pacino in Scarface, he smokes. It is already proved that children imitate media. The Surgeon General declared that smoking really makes teens smoke. It is prohibited to light up in TV commercials, so why can we smoke in movies?

Actions to prohibit smoking in movies have started several years ago; however no formal policy is currently in place. James Sargent, representative of the Cancer Control Research Program at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, analyzed the consequences of exposing teenagers to any movie showing smoking scenes. The results demonstrated that after watching such films, children were more likely to pick the habit. There was an evident link between the film industry’s use of smoking scenes in films and the increasing number of youngsters trying as well as regularly smoking. And after another study, Mr. Sargent and his team found all answers – the movie rating.

Film smoking exposure (FSE) was evaluated basing on the monitoring of 530 block busters. Each movie was divided according to the respective ratings fixed by the Motion Picture Association of America as: G/PG, PG-13, and R respectively. Despite the fact that median FSE was higher for PG-13 movies in comparison to that of R-rated films, their relation to smoking was similar. All these results provided scientists with an amazing conclusion – it was the smoking itself that prompted teenagers to smoke, and not the vulgar behavior often associated with adult movies. Thus, Mr. Sargent and his colleagues concluded that allowing R rating for any movie depicting smoking “could significantly decrease adolescent smoking.” He adds that it might even guarantee a 16% drop. So, Mr. Sargent calls on the film industry to undertake similar actions as they did in considering scenes of violence and sex.

A new R rating could decrease smoking among youngsters, but wouldn’t it just delay the eventual affirmation of tobacco use? Such a rating might prevent some things, but it is unable to prevent the inevitable. Mr. Sargent agreed with the above statement; however he added that older teens of 17 years old and higher are more likely to make right choices, than children at 12 or 14, as they have a higher maturity level.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Right to Free Speech

Altria Group and Reynolds American both cited liberty of speech to the U.S. Constitution as the reason behind a civil legal proceeding looking to reverse a coming ban on displaying smoking products in stores in the Rockland County, N.Y. According to a source, Lorillard, Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco have filled the suit on June 27.
Respondents in the legal proceeding are the village agencies and representatives that were attributed the responsibility for introducing the cigarette display ban once it becomes effective in October 2012. Calling the ban as “an evident attack on the content of tobacco advertising” that infringes their First Amendment right to free speech, they required the court to name the local law unconstitutional and prohibit the Hudson Valley village to implement it. The village board passed similar ban in April, declaring that the sight of packages of cigarettes on a store shelf attracts teenagers to this habit.
According to the law, retail stores could proceed to sell tobacco products, without displaying it, and instead giving age-verified clients, only after request, a price of tobacco products to order from. “Philip Morris and Reynolds American are trying to challenge a currently adopted local law that stops retailers from displaying smoking products in their stores. If passed, this local law would infringe free speech rights by prohibiting cigarette manufacturers and retailers from advertising adult smokers about the varieties, prices of their tobacco product brands,” David Sutton, representative of the Richmond, Va.-based Altria, declared in an interview.
Bryan D. Hatchell, representative for R.J. Reynolds stated that: “We think that this new law prohibiting the display of smoking products is not concordant with monitoring Supreme Court decisions under the First Amendment, and we starting this legal proceeding first of all to protect our First Amendment rights. This law is not about keeping youngsters from smoking, but it is probably about banning advertisement of a legal product to adults who enjoy smoking.” “All retailers have a full right to communicate with their customers about the brands they offer by displaying those cigarettes within their own premises,” added James Calvin, the New York Association of Convenience Stores president.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Big Tobacco Lift Prices of its Key Cigarette Brands

Altria, producer of Marlboro and Parliament cigarette brands, will pass the price raise on June 18. Reynolds American, who makes such famous brands as Cameland Winston, will make its price boost effectual at the end of the week. The pricing move by the two leading U.S. cigarette manufacturers by profit is the first turn the industry has undertakes this year.All three tobacco giants have passed two turns of price increases in 2011. The growth has come just at the time when state excise duties have been quietly weakened and as some experts underline domestic cigarette retail prices are not the same as international income-adjusted average levels.
Industry experts in last weeks had been calling for the tobacco companies to raise prices, an action required to help boost profitability as cigarette volumes proceed to drop. Many estimate that Lorillard will follow the example of its main competitors over the next days as the Big Tobacco often moves on pricing within a small window. A Lorillard representative declared that the company is not ready to comment on coming pricing actions. Reynolds American said the same, though it had told earlier about the attempt to increase prices, including a 10% increase on smokeless product Camel Snus.
Analyst Bonnie Herzog has already included Altria’s estimated price growth into the bank’s revenue estimates. Ms. Herzog stated that the tobacco industry’s 2Q cigarette volume will be positive as wholesalers have been building up their inventories within several weeks in anticipation of price boost and because of the fact that inventory levels were not so high at the beginning of the quarter. In case the price growth was to be matched mostly by Reynolds American and Lorillard, Citi expert Vivien Azer declared a 6 cent raise would constitute a 1.5% boost for Reynolds American’s Camel brand and 1.6% for Pall Mall in comparison with 1.5% for Lorillard’s Newport.
As about Altria’s Marlboro, which comprises 85% of the company’s whole volume, the raise seems to be a 1.6% boost, Ms. Azer stated. That is a 2.5% increase since June 2011, but at the same time higher than December’s raise. Altria’s shares constituted 1.3% to $33.50, while Reynolds American raised 1.6% to $41.33 and Lorillard boosted 1.5% to $125.06.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bangladesh Has the Cheapest Prices for Cigarettes In the World

In a striking discovery, a report states cigarette prices have been decreasing steadily since 2003 in Bangladesh due to “incorrect” taxation, encouraging new users. It states the real prices have, indeed, dropped as the different taxes were charged on various price slabs and were never grounded on inflation.

Raising real incomes have made the smoking products affordable, the report states and advices special cigarette tax of Tk 34 for 10 cigarettes, Tk 4.95 for 25 bidis and concluding the present price slabs. “It would support about 7 million cigarette and 3.5 million bidi smokers to stop smoking and keep 10 million teenagers away from starting lighting up,” stated Professor Abul Barkat, at the press conference.

Professor Barkat added, “If the government passes the policy, it will generate Tk 15 billion more in tax profit from cigarettes and Tk 7.2 billion from bidis.” He also said that the most effective method to decrease smoking is to boost the price of smoking products through tax increases and guaranteeing that the tax boost are reflected in prices. Decreasing cigarette and bidi prices lead to rise in smoking while lifting prices will drop tobacco consumption. For instance a 10% growth in mean cigarette prices in Bangladesh will reduce about 5% of smokers, while a 10% in bidi prices will decrease their use by approximately 7%.

As cigarette manufacturers fight each year to stop tobacco tax increase in order to keep their sales unchanged, anti-smoking activists stood against the move this year. The government increased cigarette prices in various slabs and additional taxes imposed on cigarettes vary from 33% to 55% in four tiers. Such a difference in price tiers, anti-smoking activist’s state, rather helped people to switch from expensive to lower cost smokes.

Cigarette consumption has increased by 40% between 1997 and 2010 from about 48.8 billion to approximately 69.6 billion cigarettes in Bangladesh. As cigarette manufacturers state that they pay Tk 73 billion for healthcare and lost productivity costs. Employment in tobacco growing sector and manufacturing comprises only 0.5% of the whole labor force. Concerning about the loss of profit, the Ministry of Finance currently postponed its plans for a more sever tobacco control law.

Bangladesh occupies the 20th place in the tobacco-manufacturing countries rating and also has the cheapest cigarettes in the world.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Davidoff Pleasure

Excellence based in expertise, vision and passion is the core, the soul of the Davidoff brand. Finding and fusing quality, craftsmanship and luxury together from every corner of the world is our never-ending, dynamic quest.
At the heart of the Davidoff brand is the pleasure in life. We never cease to honor and celebrate every moment, elevating and enriching the life fully-lived with passion and intensity.

Friday, May 4, 2012

What you think about Marlboro cigarettes?

Here are some Comments and Reviews

Marlboro is my favorite brand, its not a brand of cigarette, its a lifestyle. Really the best you can get at the local stores or anywhere around yourself. If you really want to smoke then choose marlboro to get that on your nicotine level :)

I'm from western sahara it's south of morocco, marlboro it's the best here I love it I can't stoping smokin it and I don't want to stop smokin it

Marlboro Reds are my favourite cigarettes in the entire world, not just the taste, but that classic felling when you are smoking one. Although it could be harsh on your throat, its really soothing and great tasting full Marlboro flavour. Light it up, straight away you know that you are smoking Marlboro. "Welcome To Marlboro Country. "

Awesome, love it, Malboro is the best cigarette brand I ever smoked, but goldleaf is also a very good brand, if you ever try those gold leaf which are made by Pakistan Tobacco company you will start thinking to stop marlboro and start gold leaf.

Marlboro is not a brand of cigarette. Its a lifestyle. Ans a lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste! The bitter taste of Marlboro is indeed the best part of it!

I just knw its name... Thts all... Then I heared from my friend about tis brand... This is very popular.. And very available every where all around the world

Marlboro is my favorite smoking brand. I usually smoke it with a cup a coffee. I usually buy it online because of Marlboro cheap price and good taste

I smoke malboro red and it is very good, there is less poison then other brands of cigarettes out there, and goes very well with strong liquor!

Marlboro for me is the best cigarette id ever smoked of my entire life. If cigarette smoking kills then I think Marlboro will kill me!

marlboro is the name you always associate with ciggs, at least I have since I was a kid. Its kinda like ramen and chinese noodles.

I smoke all brands.. But marlboro lights impressed me I like it very much. And I give you advise that smoke marlboro lights

Great brand of ever... only brand that can beat Gold Leaf in Pakistan. If you want to smoke then choose Malboro!

Marlboro's are smooth, rich and great for anyone. Definitely buy if you haven't tried them then do!

Ahhh Since I was a boy Ive loved Malboro

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why Cannabis is Permitted and Cigarettes not?

Scientists found that cannabis use is less harmful than drinking or smoking cigarettes, and that’s why many people think that it should be legalized.

The Beckley Foundation’s Global Cannabis Commission said: "Although cannabis can have a negative impact on health, including mental health, in terms of relative harms it is considerably less harmful than alcohol or tobacco."

Why is cannabis safer than cigarettes and alcohol? Only one answer can be, statistically only two deaths worldwide attributed to cannabis, whereas alcohol and tobacco together are responsible for an estimated 150,000 deaths per annum in the UK alone.

For example many of the harms associated with cannabis use are the result of prohibition itself, particularly the social harms arising from arrest and imprisonment. The Beckley Foundation’s Global Cannabis Commission thinks that legalizing cannabis would allow it to be regulated, and make it easier to stop children becoming users. They write: "It is only through a regulated market that we can better protect young people from the ever more potent forms of dope, known as ’skunk’."

In 2004 police was unlikely to arrest people carrying small amounts of cannabis that was downgraded to class C. But Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has pledged to reclassify the drug to class B to avoid "risking the future health of young people". In recent year mental health experts found that cannabis became stronger, more damaging, and more widespread and this is not a good result.

Friday, January 27, 2012

British American Tobacco project is about to start a single SAP

British American Tobacco is expected to begin in September 2012 to try out new single SAP enterprise resource system.

More than 180 markets in the business of the company, is planning to 2016 in all business aspects of a comprehensive new system began trial from Malaysia, and is implemented in the Asia Pacific region.

It will replace the British American Tobacco is currently in the global business in the SAP system using six, and three years ago using the SAP system and CS3 62 local ERP systems.

British American Tobacco would like to take a new, single global SAP system, because more than one SAP system to the existing standard is difficult.

"The biggest problem is trying to regulate the SAP system has been used it is very, very difficult to change."

"We have to add more things for them to make them ... This standardization increases the global cost. In the same way using several SAP's efficiency is very low," BAT data in a single SAP project director Joan · Wei Neisi said.

The company's independent quality assurance and external management consultants partner with a magnet to implement the system.

Magnet company from the outset of this project to work with British American Tobacco, from the design stage to implementation and deployment phase. This is regarded as BAT's an unusual move, because the company usually only for the quality assurance stage.

"This is used to reduce project risk," Wei Neisi said. "The project is very expensive, requires a lot of time to do it right is absolutely important."

He added: "This is not a money thing - the first success of the project will be able to make savings."

Weinei Si said, with a magnet company, British American Tobacco on the project to a wider field of vision, technology and processes to help ensure effective implementation.

British American Tobacco also use a magnet to carry out similar projects in the advantages of previous experience.

In the first phase, the new SAP system will include a series of processes, including technology, spare parts management, production planning, purchasing and logistics. The integration of a number of different product specifications solutions, British American Tobacco will be the first time, start the SAP functionality in the product specifications.

After commissioning of the project, as the second phase of the system, it will be the implementation of human resources software and SAP's advanced planner and optimizer systems.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cigarettes Grab Spain’s Tobacco Market

A number of increases in taxes on cigarette sales that were recently registered in Spain have prompted both price warfare between companies struggling for recession-hit consumers, and a sudden increase in the sale of cigarette products.
“At present the problem of cigarette market seems to worsen due to recession and an evident falling purchasing power,” stated José Luis Nueno, a professor of marketing.
According to a report realized by leading tobacco company Imperial Tobacco, about 6% of all cigarette sales in Spain belong to illicit market, more than 10% in Andalusia and nearly 20% in such regions as Málaga and Seville.
Within the past two years, tax increases in Spain have prompted a huge number of smokers switch to cheap cigarette brands or even rolling tobacco in comparison to earlier popular Virginia and such famous smokes as Marlboro and Camel.
One more option for the hard-pressed Spanish smoke lovers has been the chance to try something of Chinese-produced bootleg smokes that have become rather popular common, or to purchase cigarettes. The lowest prices for cigarettes and availability can make the illegal cigarettes more appealing.
Spain’s porous borders have always made it an appealing and very profitable market for contraband cigarette smugglers.
One of the most powerful cartels importing non-taxed tobacco products were Galician-based gangs who used high-speed boats in order to bring these products in the country. Very soon they switched to higher margin crimes, such as cocaine smuggling, and corresponding faced a wave of arrests. Mr. Nueno said that criminal operations in Spain have become much more divergent.
The great part of cigarettes confiscated by Spanish custom authorities comes through the country’s borders with Andorra, Portugal, and Gibraltar.
“Officially Spain has three regions where the use and demand for cigarettes is highest, namely Galicia, as it situated in the main proximity to Portugal. Andalusia, due to Gibraltar, and Catalonia, because of Andorra,” added Mr. Nueno.
The estimates for contraband tobacco products coming Spain are based on the extrapolation from the amount confiscated at customs.
According to statistics, in 2009, about 12.3 million cigarettes from illicit market entered Spain.