Friday, November 2, 2012

Info - Main Cigar Accessories

  • Cigar Cutters is used to assure an adequate and smooth opening in the cigar, which would help smoking. Nowadays there are a lot of varieties of cigar cutters; each of them cut the cigar in a particular way. Among the most spread types are cigar guillotine cutters, cigar v-cutter and cigar double-blade. Cutting cigars properly is very essential, as it directly affects the smoking process. 
  • Cigar Lighters Even if your cigarette was kept in a humidor and properly cut, what use of it if you do not have a lighter. Cigar lighters are a must have accessory and also a pleasant gift for cigar connoisseurs. At present you may find a great range of cigar lighters, including disposable lighters, butane gas lighters, all-purpose lighters, windproof lighters, candle lighters and of course the well-known matches. The choice mostly depends on your preferences. 
  • Cigar Ashtrays So, we came to the last accessory that shouldn’t miss from a cigar smoker. The ashtray is one of the essential, but too often forgotten cigar accessories. Once you have taken several draws from your recently cut and lit cigar, you will have to put the ash somewhere. The ashtray can be stainless, ceramic, wooden or even made of glass. Ashtrays are the most used cigar accessories.