Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tobacco Companies Violate the New Tobacco Rule

Smoking was banned in many countries but Tobacco Companies continue to attract young people by producing cigarettes in cute and fashionable packages. That’s why researchers consider that Tobacco Industry violate the new tobacco rules. Under the new Tobacco Hazard Prevention and Control Act that took effect on January 11th, businesses can be fined if they encourage the purchase of cigarettes by means of advertisement posters, electronic panels, animation, bonus points or any discount program, placing more than one box of cigarettes on the counter and selling candies, snacks or toys in the form of cigarettes.

Despite the vigorous regulations, tobacco companies still market fruit-flavored cigarettes to young ladies to give the impression that smoking these cigarettes has the same health benefits as eating fruit, said scientists.

Lin Ching-li, director of the foundation’s Tobacco Control Division, reported: "Many young ladies, perhaps because they are unable to consume enough servings of fruit, believe that by smoking peach cigarettes, they are getting the same amount of nutrition as they would from a real peach. This is completely wrong, but young ladies pass it on to each other and create this kind of misconception."