Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More actual smokers would decide to give up the habit

That fact brings major joy to local health advocates as they state that the higher the cost of cigarettes is the fewer minors would buy them and start smoking and the more actual smokers would decide to give up the habit.

Although the aim of Illinois lawmakers is rather laudable, some opponents like Rep. Frank Mautino stated that taxes should be raised only to collect additional revenue and by no means to force people to do or not to do something.

"May be we would also tax Cheeseburgers, soda or pizza, because we think they are not healthy for Illinois residents? That is simply ridiculous,” declared Mautino.

Another thing that brings fears to the lawmakers is the expected loss of revenue, since smokers would look for options when trying to get a puff. They could either go to neighboring states or order cigarettes online, or even use illegal black market that is blossoming nowadays.

Even if smokers remain in Illinois, they would buy fewer cigarettes, admits Joseph Elfish, manager of Illinois Association of Convenience Stores and Petroleum Marketers.

Although experts predict around 15 percent drop in tobacco products sales, Illinois Association of Convenience Stores’ analysts anticipate almost 25 percent decrease. That would force owners of small shops to get out of business.

It would leave thousands people jobless and without source of livelihood. People would be especially thankful to the government for their relentless efforts to improve people’s health, when they are fired.