Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lawmakers want another tax increase?!

Just two weeks after the largest ever cigarette tax increase went into effect, Illinois authorities consider another increase, this time in the state tax that would jump by $1 over two years in case it is approved.

William Sheridan has been the executive manager of 7 gas stations with convenience stores for almost 10 years. He said he remembers the times when sales of cigarettes exceeded 100,000 packs per month in one of his convenience stores. It was two years ago until Cook County administration imposed $2 sales tax kicked in three years ago. After the sales tax went into effect the store sells an average of 20.000 packs of cigarettes each month.

That was before the latest increase in the federal cigarette tax came into force making each pack 62 cents more expensive. Sheridan complained the sales went 15 percent down during last month in comparison to the same period last year.

However, it seems that Illinois lawmakers are still not satisfied. They are debating over another $1 state tax increase, despite the price of a pack of cigarette nears $9 in several Illinois cities.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lucky Strike means fine tobacco

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tobacco Companies Violate the New Tobacco Rule

Smoking was banned in many countries but Tobacco Companies continue to attract young people by producing cigarettes in cute and fashionable packages. That’s why researchers consider that Tobacco Industry violate the new tobacco rules. Under the new Tobacco Hazard Prevention and Control Act that took effect on January 11th, businesses can be fined if they encourage the purchase of cigarettes by means of advertisement posters, electronic panels, animation, bonus points or any discount program, placing more than one box of cigarettes on the counter and selling candies, snacks or toys in the form of cigarettes.

Despite the vigorous regulations, tobacco companies still market fruit-flavored cigarettes to young ladies to give the impression that smoking these cigarettes has the same health benefits as eating fruit, said scientists.

Lin Ching-li, director of the foundation’s Tobacco Control Division, reported: "Many young ladies, perhaps because they are unable to consume enough servings of fruit, believe that by smoking peach cigarettes, they are getting the same amount of nutrition as they would from a real peach. This is completely wrong, but young ladies pass it on to each other and create this kind of misconception."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

History of Montecristo

Distributed widely throughout the world and sold originally by Dunhill New York, the Montecristo brand cigar currently accounts for almost 50% of all Cuban cigars exported each year, making the Montecristo the most popular Havana cigar in the world. The Montecristo was originally branded in 1935 under the name “the H. Upmann Montecarlo Selection”.When appointed the British distribution agent, the John Hunter firm shortened the brand’s name to Montecristo. The John Hunter firm also redesigned the brand’s logo to its distinctive red and yellow box with the triangular crossed swords.These delicious, full-flavored cigars are highly recognizable to the pallate due to their unique tobacco blend, and their highly distinctive flavor. The Montecarlo brand is also highly popular as the result of it’s exeptionally consistent quality.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Highest standard of quality

Relying on the skills and experience of the decades, our Karelia cigarettes insist on the highest standard of quality. The state -of-the-art production services are among the first in Europe, producing for about 15 billion cigarettes per year.These exquisite cigarettes have been created from a superior blend of tobaccos to produce a cigarette of perfection. Grown in tender beams of hot Greek sun, Karelia Cigarette possesses an irresistible bouquet of tobacco flavor. Karelia presently exports its Premium brands to over fifty countries within Greece and Europe mainly, but to North America, Asia Pacific Africa and South America also not without participation of our online shop.Recently the company started the Karelia Tobacco Company (UK) Ltd., that is, the new subsidiary in order to sell its brands on the English market.
Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. is the Greece’s leading cigarette manufacturer and exporter. The Company’s principal activity is the manufacturing of cigarettes and other linked to tobacco products. Karelia Company became now an international Company, which exports cigarettes and tobacco products over the World. Karelia is family-owned company and is very proud of its position and traditions. George Karelia produces a wide range of tobacco products and different brands. Karelia Company produces “Kasetina”, the archetypal Greek brand, as a part of the local heritage in Greece.