Monday, February 23, 2009

Manufacturers Marlboro

Manufacturers Marlboro cigarettes also followed this principle, but less aggressively than their competitors. R.J. Corp. Reynolds Tobacco Holdings, which occupies 2 - first place in the American tobacco market, in recent years has produced a series of new varieties of its Camel cigarettes, and launching the use of new types of packaging, in particular the original plastic "flask".
Meanwhile, Marlboro, as in 1976, remains the red-and-white packaging, which became a symbol of America and one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Today, the image of many already tired. "Philip Morris lacked innovation - argues Herzog. - Registration packages may not change for a long time, and this created a danger for Marlboro. fact, consumers like to absorb new products. advent of a new product line Marlboro - step in the right direction, but this is likely , will not be enough. " In the arsenal of Altria, it is true, there are other means, such as cigarettes with a reduced toxicity.
In due time, Philip Morris agreed to shift their costs of resolving lawsuits consumers on the shoulders of consumers. But higher prices caused the fall in demand for Marlboro cigarettes and contributed to the success of the many smaller competitors. Philip Morris has gone back on their word, starting to lower prices for its main competitors and followed. But this in turn damaged the image of high-quality cigarettes.