Monday, December 10, 2007

Misconceptions about smoking

Misconceptions about smoking

They are many myths and misconceptions about cigarette smoking that people start to spread. The more you here it, the more you start to believe it. Some myths stem from a misapplied understanding of what might seem to be common sense; others are deliberately promulgated by the tobacco industry to induce people to start smoking. Some of d this conceptions are crazy and do not make sense. Here are some misconceptions about smoking.

  • Nicotine is responsible for adverse health effects

    Nicotine is a natural occurring substance derived from the tobacco plant.
    The main adverse effect of nicotine in tobacco products is addiction, which sustain tobacco use. It is the other chemicals in cigarettes, not nicotine, which are responsible for most of the adverse health effects related to smoking.

  • Filtered or low-tar cigarettes make smoking safer

    There are no safe cigarettes. Some people try to make smoking habit safer by smoking filtered or low-tar cigarettes. They think that make smoking safer, but this isn’t true. There are no safe cigarettes and no safe level of consumption. Low-tar cigarettes are just as harmful as higher tar cigarettes.
    Smokers usually puff more frequently, take deeper puffs or smoke to a shorter butt length. Despite the filters, nicotine and other chemicals still get through when you smoke.

  • Lights cigarettes are healthier

    The smokers who use lights cigarettes are under the impression that they are safe. But there is no such thing as safe cigarettes. Research shows that lights cigarette is just as addictive as cigarette whit more tar and nicotine. The poisonous element of a cigarette is in the light cigarettes as well.

  • Tobacco is natural

    People say tobacco is natural because it comes from a plant. But inside a cigarette isn’t just tobacco. A lot of the filling is actually a tip of paper sprayed with tobacco pulp, nicotine and chemicals. These additives include ammonia to enhance nicotine’s brain effects. The paper is shredded to look like real tobacco, and then used to fill cigarettes.

  • Rollies have less chemicals

    Rollies (roll-you-own tobacco) contains many of the same chemicals as factory-made cigarette. Research suggests that roll-your-own tobacco is more harmful than manufactured cigarettes.

  • I can quit any time I want to

    Anyone who smokes is at risk of becoming addicted to nicotine. Nicotine stimulates the production of dopamine, which makes you feel happy and more animated when you start smoking. As you continue to smoke your body learns to depend on nicotine and you want to quit, you may fell hungry, sleepy, tired or irritable, In fact, only 7 percent of 35 million people succeed to quit smoking every year

  • Smoking Has Effect On Progression Of Multiple Sclerosis

    The study showed there is no association between cigarette smoking and the progression of MS. Due to the high number of smokers with MS, it had previously been suggested there was a correlation between the progressions of the disease related to smoking.

    Because the cause of MS as well as reasons for progression is generally unknown, there have been many genetic and environmental factors tested. Cigarette smoking is one more factor we can rule out.